a gallimaufry down below

It is always such a pleasure to read a thoughtful review of my book. This one at a lovely blog called ‘a gallimaufry’ has made my evening.

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman

“The photographs, especially in Bathes’ response to the child of the Winter Garden Photograph, capture the space of love…..”



“I was at the door of the hotel, horrified at seeing in the Alameda people go by who seemed to be made of wood. I rushed to the roof of the hotel and wept there, looking at the chained city below my feet, the city it was my duty to liberate. Coming down to Catherine’s room, I begged her to look at my face; I said to her: “Don’t you see that it is the exact representation of the world?” She refused to listen to me and put me out of her room.”
Leonora Carrington, ‘Down Below’


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2 responses to “a gallimaufry down below

  1. Oh how nice to know my poxy review made your evening – your beautiful book made my week and I still think of it now! I love your writing and am looking forward to your next novel.

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